Get a Guaranteed Trade Allowance

We know your time is valuable and at Midstate Hyundai we want to help make the process of trading your old car in fast and transparent.  Our offer is backed by the power of Kelley Blue Book, the industries most trusted source for used car values.  Partnering with Kelley Blue Book's Instant Cash Offer, Midstate Hyundai of Vermont is able to give you a written offer for your car in just a couple of minutes.  Not an estimate, but a guaranteed offer, in writing, that is good for 3 days.  Your offer is good towards any vehicle on our lot, or if you decide not to trade, we will purchase your vehicle from you.

And if your trade is worth more when you arrive, we will be glad to give you the extra value above the written offer from Kelley Blue Book.  Get started by clicking on the DISCOVER HOW link below and you will have a guaranteed trade offer in minutes*.

*Instant Cash Offers ("Offer(s)") are not available in all areas and not all vehicles are eligible. Your Offer is valid for 72 hours only at Participating Dealers. Kelley Blue Book will not redeem Offers nor purchase your vehicle from you. Vehicles must pass a mandatory inspection by a Participating Dealer. If the inspection report differs from your description or online assessment of your vehicle's condition, the Participating Dealer may adjust the offer amount, which may result in a decrease of the offer. Participating Dealers are not owned or operated by, nor are they affiliated with or acting on behalf of, Kelley Blue Book. Kelley Blue Book and its affiliates disclaim all liability resulting from an adjustment of the offer or refusal to accept your vehicle by Participating Dealer(s). Participating Dealers pay Kelley Blue Book or its affiliate to subscribe to the Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer program. Program Terms and Conditions apply and can be found here.

The Instant Cash Offer is generated by a separate appraisal tool intended to generate a price reflecting a liquid cash offer to be honored by a Participating Dealer irrespective of whether you are purchasing another vehicle from that Participating Dealer. The Offer may not reflect the highest sale price or trade-in value available for your vehicle. The Offer is not based on, or the same as, the Kelley Blue Book Trade-in Value. The Offer is based on specific information about your vehicle which may result in variations from the information collected in connection with the Kelley Blue Book Trade-In Value. The Offer may be less than the Kelley Blue Book Trade-In Value and may be lower than the Trade-In Range for a similar vehicle.